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Australian Navy Ships

20kms in Record Time

Explosives Plant

Water Main Lines

Solvent Processing Plant

Water Filtration

440,000 Lt Savings per Annum

Australian Navy Ships

Fabricating ready to install Bronze, Copper, Copper Nickel, Carbon Steel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and Monel® pipe systems for Australia's Navy Ships.

Adlingtons have set the bar on quality and delivery with advanced fully automated pipe and tube bending. Coupled with Adlingtons robotic orbital welding, has significantly reduced traditionally high labour costs and non-conformance rates.

Internationally competitive, Adlingtons provide 21% average savings in the fabrication and installation of mechanical pipe and tube systems.
These include:

Nitro Cellulose
Engine Oil
Chilled Water
Sea & Land Water Circulation
Sea & Land Water Fire Fighting
Potable Water
Black Water
Grey Water
Technical Water
Waste Water


Adlingtons investment in local training, innovation and automation delivers value to customers and provides a solid platform for future Australian jobs. For further detailed customer references please contact our office on 08 8249 9592

20kms of 316L Grade stainless steel tube for a new winery
completed in record time.

Adlingtons were awarded the complete piping package for a New Winery in South Australia.

Our installation process involved a step production system; all lines were measured and fabricated onsite. With multiple work fronts, ground crew 1 produced main lines up to 24metres.
Ground crews 2 & 3 produced transition spools for manifold groupings, elevations, droppers and equipment connections. Crews 4 & 5 managed cranage & rigging and installed the fabricated lines. Crews 6 & 7 performed the insitu site welds. All lines installed were 100% Argon purged and monitored prior to welding.

Our client received a world class installation in record time.


Adlingtons delivered high quality stainless steel transfer lines between tank farms, main truck loading stations, lines to process equipment included heating, cooling and yeast lines.

Adlingtons showed speed and capacity on a level rarely seen in site fabrication.
After the successful fabrication and installation of the hygienic process systems. Adlingtons were awarded the HVAC piping for this project which included copper mains water and gas services. For further detailed customer references please contact our office on 08 08 8249 9592

Nitrocellulose Plant

Adlingtons were awarded the mechanical process contract to supply fabricate and install the boil and pouch section forming the main process of nitrocellulose production. Our services included all cranage, tanks, platforms, pipe supports, piping, valves, and associated instrumentation suitable for the manufacturing of (NC) Nitrocellulose.

Nitrocellulose (NC) is an explosive compound used as a propellant in certain ammunitions such as missiles. (NC) when dry is extremely dangerous.  Adlingtons extensive experience in orbital welding and zero crevice fabrication for the pharmaceutical and food sectors certainly added to this projects success.


The successful completion of the (NC) plant demonstrates Adlingtons' ability to deliver on technically critical projects, and further builds relationships between Adlingtons and the customer. This project was delivered on time. For further detailed customer references please contact our office on 08 8249 9592

HDPE Poly pipe lines

Adlingtons were awarded the contract to supply and install a HDPE poly line for potable water. Consisting of 8kms of 220OD main line. This project included the trench excavation and the main poly line installation, take off branch points. The fabrication and installation of above ground steel manifolds including valves and instrumentation such as flow metres along with the installation and alignment of the process pumps.


This successful delivery of poly pipe line fabrication and installation demonstrates Adlingtons’ ability to deliver on contracts. The knowledge developed by Adlingtons through the delivery of this project increases Adlingtons capacity to delivery HDPE Poly pipe line services.

For further detailed customer references involving poly pipe fabrication services please contact our office on 08 8249 9592

High Risk Projects

Glass solvent tower and process farm. Adlingtons were awarded the contract to assemble the 20 metre high glass solvent tower, associated process equipment and instrumentation in Mulwala NSW.

Made of Borosilicate Glass this project was of the highest profile in the 300 million dollar Mulwala expansion. Posing the highest risk to our client.

The building of the glass solvent tower was a delicate precise operation. This project had tight time constraints and needed to be online fast. Adlingtons scope also included the final commissioning phase.

Each glass component was imported from Germany via Australian company Polomo Pty Ltd.

Adlingtons highly skilled labour included experienced process glass fitters & riggers with the collective assistance of Polomo’s OVF - German De Dietrich’s technician ensured this projects success.

Adlingtons also completed the fabrication and installation of structural supports and process mechanical piping.


The installation of solvent storage vessels, ethanol storage vessels, alcohol and effluent vessels, heat exchangers, condensers, process pumps and valves on time and budget with 0 non-conformance.

“This is a great project to have in our resume and I’m very proud of this collective effort. Organised and methodical.” - Damian Adlington MD

Mining water filtration system

Adlingtons were awarded the contract to develop and construct a mechanical process plant suitable for the removal of certain elements in post process water. The successful removal was achieved.  This project has strict confidentiality requirements which limit the ability of Adlingtons to discuss the process used in significant detail. 


The successful development of this pilot filtration plant demonstrates Adlingtons’ ability to deliver on water filtration projects. The knowledge developed by Adlingtons through the delivery of this project enables Adlingtons to win other contracts involving the development of environmentally safe filtration systems.

For further detailed customer references involving filtration systems please contact our office on 08 8249 9592

Orlando / Pernod Ricard Hygienic Pigging System Installation
(Product transfer and recovery)

Orlando / Pernod Ricard produce & bottle a range of high quality brand wines.

Adlingtons were awarded the mechanical process fabrication and installation, working with GHD, Sage Automation and HPS Australia.

Adlingtons created 3d Autocad modelling, drawing the existing as built plant. Using GHD and Orlando’s (FD) & P&ID’s, Adlingtons built 3d parts and incorporating into our new model providing seamless project communication.

This project consisted of 2 main food grade 101mm / 4” 316 stainless steel transfer / pigging lines starting at large storage tank farms. These lines were approximately 1km each in length and included multiple elevation transitions and bridge cross overs. The two lines included heat exchangers and filter bypass arrangements, in addition to 6 x 76.2mm / 3” stainless steel pigging lines, a pigable Rotomatrix was also installed to allow any of the 10 storage tanks to transfer product to any of the 3 new 76.2mm / 3” 316 stainless steel bottling lines.

This system also included Installation an automated 76.2mm / 3” valve matrix (Automatrix), which consists of over 40 valves that easily allow product to be routed to different areas of the factory


Orlando wines are a long standing customer and continue to enjoy the benefits of their HPS Pigging systems year on year. It has been estimated that they are finding water savings of 40 Mega Litres and wine savings of 440,000 litres per year.

For further detailed customer references involving pigging systems please contact our office on 08 8249 9592

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